Flora and Fauna

Flora is classified in zones according to altitude in the area of Vasugana-Lagorai. Up to 700 m.a.s.l. you can find ‘Vite del Brenta’ with a lot of centuries-old trees, such as chestnut trees, oaks (Selva Valley) and hornbeams (in the area of Pergine). In higher zones you can find beeches and then Mugo Pine trees and conifer woods with balsaminc and spruce firs and larches. Dry areas with steep slopes are covered by pine woods (Scots pine and black pine). Highest areas are characterized by subalpine shrubs. In some areas deeply changed by glaciations some ancient species, such as ferns, have survived.
The Valsugana Valley has a peculiar conformation characterized by a rich variety of soils and situations which foster biodiversity.
Recently, human intervention has reduced original vegetation to have more room for intensive apple farming. Luckily, there are still some areas – the Biotopes (a word coming from Greek and meaning ‘place of life’) – which are now protected by laws of the Autonomous Province of Trento given their naturalistic importance.

The Fauna of the Valsugana Valley and of the Lagorai Chain is very rich in mammals, such as deers, roe deers and chamoises. You can also see Alpine hares, foxes, badgers, stoats, weasels, martens, beech martens, squirrels and hedgehogs. There is also a rich variety of birds, particularly on the hill zone and there are a lot of rapacious birds, (also nocturnal ones), such as the golden eagle.
Waters of the Lagorai Chain and of the Valsugana Valley are very rich in fish. Beside autochthonous species, such as brook trouts, marble trouts, minnows, bull heads and Mediterranean barbels, we now have also rainbow trouts, American lake trouts and Arctic chars. Among reptiles, you can see vipers. People often mistake harmless snakes here called ‘carbonaz’ for vipers.
These animal and plant species can be seen at the Valtrigona Oasis, the only WWF Oasis in the Alps, and in the biotopes, such as the Fontanazzo Biotope, or walking along the Trodo dei Fiori (Path of Flowers), an itinerary from Passo del Brocon (Brocon Pass) or from the Arboreto del Tesino (beautiful botanical gardens).
While hiking, remember that you are in protected areas, respect signs, follow marked paths and do not pick flowers or plants.